Our Director, Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann, is a composer/performer, worship leader, scholar, educator, clergyman, speaker, and teacher with fifty years experience. His specialty is helping people negotiate and navigate life at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds.

Dr, Dauermann is at home teaching on the graduate level, on the Internet, leading group discussions, speaking from all sorts of platforms to gatherings large and small, leading studies of holy texts, or giving formal papers in scholarly contexts. He is prepared to address any and all matters discussed on our website, as well as issues growing out of his books, available here or on Amazon.com

Current Interests – At the present time, Dr Dauermann is especially interested these areas:

  1. Understanding what we mean by the More Jewish Jesus and why this makes all the difference in the world for Jewish–Christian relations;,
  2. Examining how the Jewish and Christian worlds might better to relate to each other in  view of their accountability to the true and living God, 
  3. Teaching about household spirituality and its relationship to the HaB’er Discovery Havurah Network which we are establishing.  How all of this relates to how the early Yeshua believers associated and grew,
  4. Scripture-based addresses and lessons of all kinds.
  5. New paradigms for introducing others to the spiritual life we value.


Workshops of all kinds on areas where we specialize including:

  1. Is Your Gospel Good News for the Jews? How the gospel is usually presented as bad news for the Jews and how and why that must change.
  2. “Meet the Invisible Man Workshop, ” in three parts, examining how the Jewish people’s contribution, and Jewish family members, and the more Jewish Jesus have become invisible to the church: what it costs, and how to recover.
  3. Family and Friends Workshop: Making Peace and Bringing Peace. Why and how we must first make peace with the Jewish world before bringing them the peace of Messiah.
  4. L’Chaim Workshops: Exploring what is the life God has given us to share with others, and what are some ways to do so.
  5. Naturally Supernatural Workshops: Encountering, but not Countering the Ruach (Spirit)
  6. Show Me The Way to Go Home Workshops: Exploring a Havurah/House Church Hybrid and Its Relationship to Your Congregational Life
  7. The Jewish Advantage Workshops: Core Methods for Jewish Bible Study.


Dr. Dauermann is known as the “Father of Messianic Music,” having invented the in the late 1960’s. He has performed his music in every one of the fifty states, and internationally as well, and his songs trace the evolution of Messianic Jewish music. He loves to give what he calls “Theological Concerts,” where audiences sing his songs with him and learn of how the evolution of Messianic Jewish communal consciousness is reflected in the evolution of its songs. Dr Dauermann’s prior degrees in Music Theory and in Music Education especially suit him to this task.