About InterFaithFulness

•    We provide consultation and counsel to assist you in identifying your issues and finding new solutions at the intersection of the Jewish and Christian worlds.
•    We provide visionary leadership, organizational support, and instructional materials to a growing network of HaB’er Discovery Havurot, home groups for Jewish and Intermarried households.
•    We hold teaching events and workshops on various issues, often linked to our publications.
•    We visit your context to teach home groups, address congregations, and conduct special events.
•    We publish books, available on Amazon.
•    We distribute our e-newsletter Signals, to help you navigate the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds.
•    We have a media presence, including Facebook,  where we link you to a our videos, podcasts, and also our blog at www.interfaithfulness.org
•    Depending upon demand, we publish Shulchan Shelanu (Our Table), a weekly Shabbat table guide to guide stimulating conversation at the Shabbat table for your family and friends.

Our Director, Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, holds and MA and PhD in Intercultural Studies. A multi-media communicator, he focuses on increasing understanding and improving communication at the intersection of the Jewish and Christians worlds. He has a special interest in household spirituality for Jewish and Intermarrieds.

In 2017 he published Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians, and the Mission of God. Also anticipated soon, a book about household spirituality, Show Me The Way to Go Home.  These and other publications such as  Christians and Jews Together, Keeping the Faith in Interfaith Relationships, and Son of David: Healing the Vision of the Messianic Jewish Movement, may all be found on Amazon.com.

Our working team is a collaborative network of consultants, assistants, associates, and on-site coordinators in our various operational contexts.