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Some Reasons Why Advocating for Jewish Yeshua Faith is Often Condemned

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I am an enthusiast for Jewish people embracing the more Jewish Jesus (a.k.a. Yeshua) as Messiah. Most of the Jews I have known, family, friends, and the public at large, will find this to be a distasteful, or offensive, or even outrageous statement. I don’t blame them, because the way the significance of Yeshua is usually…

Spiritual and Relational Peace-Making Where Jews and Christians Intersect

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The other day a good friend asked me to succinctly state what my niche is–what it is I am and do. Thinking for a moment I realized that I am essentially a peacemaker serving Jews and Christians seeking better relationships with each other and with God. I have been doing this for fifty years, and the…

Say "Hello" to our New Brochure – What Do You Think?

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You will have to imagine this brochure folded, so of course the first thing you will see is the right hand panel just below here, then the second row of panels, and then come back and read the left and middle panels just below. It’s a little clumsy to read it this way, but I…