Here is a quote I read recently that should be of interest to people who care about the spread of the knowledge of Yeshua.
First, let’s look at the church world.
In an issue of Mission Frontiers magazine, Mike Breen laments that in the United States, “96 percent of church growth is due to transfer growth. . . We’ll consider it a win because we have the new service or program that is growing … but that growth is mainly from people coming from other churches. That’s not a win! That’s a staggering loss
That figure indicating that 96 percent of congregational growth is through transfers from other churches is a sobering indictment of the appalling evangelistic ineffectiveness of the American Evangelical experiment. There is no place to hide from such a statistic. (
 Now let’s look at the Messianic Jewish world.
But here’s a more shocking statistic, for any of you involved in the Messianic movement, formerly the Messianic Jewish Movement.  You will have to agree that MORE than 96 percent of the movement’s growth is transfer growth, mostly from Gentiles bailing out on the church for one reason or another. I would guess that 99 percent of growth in Messianic Jewish congregations is transfer growth. And that’s a conservative estimate!
There is a solution to this problem, and I think I know quite a bit about how it can be implemented. I have been holding off blogging for a long while deciding what role this blog might have in a strategic plan featuring other media in which I am involved.  In fact, by the grace of God I am forming a team committed to the demanding path of implementing solutions using those means and more.
But before I do. I’ve got a prior question. Do we agree there is a problem?
Or for many people is the fact that your congregations are making budget and even growing success enough?
Again, do we have a problem?