Let the Countdown Begin – What is This? Why is It? When is It? Where is It? And How Can You Plug In?

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Answers to each of these questions will follow, one at a time, starting tomorrow.

Let’s just ask this for now:

What would it be like if all of us moved

Toward A More Jewish Jesus?


  1. The “blue laws” would change from Sunday to Saturday.
    I could walk to a church near where I live rather than drive 30 minutes to a Messianic congregation.

  2. What would it be like if all of us moved toward A More Jewish Jesus? Perhaps a much different interpretation of Scripture.

  3. It would be like a small stream finding it’s way back to the Rivers of Rivers, back to the Ocean. It would be like the violin no longer hanging unplayed now finding it’s moment in Beethoven’s 5th and exploding in perfect sound! It would be like the earth moving from groaning to singing perfect pitch. Other marvels like that.

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