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A Passover Message Especially for the Seventy-One Percent

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My father Chaim (or as he was to be known in America, Herman), was the only son of an Orthodox Jewish immigrant family. He “came over on the boat” in third class steerage, payyes (side curls) and all, passing through Ellis Island in November of 1912 along with his mother Shifra and sister Raizel, to…

Yesterday I Felt Like The Apostle Paul on a Good Day

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Yesterday I traveled an hour away from home to visit two sharp and accomplished African American friends, and to attend their weekly worship/teaching event. They have dedicated themelves to helping Christians understand how their faith is built on the foundation of the Jewish people relationship with God and the way of life that God gave to the…

You're Intermarried? Mazel Tov . . . and Oy

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I have spent my entire life living at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds. My Mom was an Orthodox Jewish convert, my father an Orthodox, later, Conservative Jew. But the day we buried him 50 years later, she said to me “I never felt accepted by his family.” I did some investigating and…