Let’s talk about audience spirituality. 
In my research and observation, America has fallen into a certain kind of spectator religion–people go to church, synagogue, Messianic congregations and watch some sort of performance, perhaps worshipping God, but not really interacting in terms of being free to share their input and exercise their gifts. We have devolved into what I term “audience spirituality,” such that even when a family finds a congregation compatible to themselves the question remains: is this the kind of spiritual community which facilitates participation, interaction, and service in areas of talent and giftedness for all? 
The congregations of the NT era, were all house congregations. They were not arenas for audience spirituality. But all around us, that is all we see. 
Do you agree that today we are most often being exposed to audience spirituality and that this stunts the kind of spiritual growth we all need to find?