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Is Liturgy a Remedy For The Ills of Audience Spirituality? Yes and No

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Two of my respondents to my discussion of Audience Spirituality, which we also term Spectator Spirituality, have commented on how liturgical worship makes people into participants, rather than mere observing spectators. I join my friends Cristo and Cathy in their respect for liturgy and its great value. In liturgical prayer everyone has an opportunity for…

MORE About Audience Spirituality

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Last post I mentioned  “spectator religion” or “audience spirituality” which has become the default modality for many in the Jewish, Christian, and Messianic Jewish worlds. Especially in the Christian and Messianic Jewish worlds, but not theirs alone, congregations now have their “worship teams,” which are really bands.  The worship area is now a stage. the…

About Audience Spirituality

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Let’s talk about audience spirituality.    In my research and observation, America has fallen into a certain kind of spectator religion–people go to church, synagogue, Messianic congregations and watch some sort of performance, perhaps worshipping God, but not really interacting in terms of being free to share their input and exercise their gifts. We have…