I am back to blogging after a hiatus. The hiatus is due to waiting until certain projects of Interfaithfulness are launched (more details later) and our website gets redesigned accordingly. That redesign will be happening in the next few months, God willing. But I thought it imporant to renew contact with you, my faithful readers in the interim. So here’s a blog with more to follow. 

I spoke recently at a Messianic Jewish conference, and as part of my presentation I  listed four possible purposes God has for the Jewish people as these purpose might impact the Messianic Jewish Movement.

I now ask you the question I asked my audience: Which one of these do you believe is most likely God’s purpose for the Jewish people in our day, especially as that purpose ought to impact the agenda of the Messianic Jewish Congregational Movement?

  1. Abandonment – The Jews as a people are no longer God’s chosen people, and are now cast off. The only way any Jews can become God’s chosen people is to become part of the Church. This is the pathway commonly termed “supersessionism” or “replacement theology.”
  2. Assimilation – The Jews as a people are no longer significant, and might as well disappear. So if all Jews became Baptists, or Presbyterians, or Pentecostals, for example, that would be great!  There is really no Divinely-sanctioned need any more for the Jewish people to remain a cohesive and distinct people, even if this was once desirable. If all Jews became Christians and lived normal Christian lives as part of good solid churches, that would be a good thing.
  3. Camouflage – In the Messianic Movement, Jews as a distinct people disappear, being indistinguishable from others who have joined the movement.  In the movement Jewish religious behaviors have been, are being, and should be transmuted into something uniquely “Messianic,” a lowest common denominator kind of Messianic Jewishness shared equally by Gentiles and Jews in the movement, sometimes under the banner “One New Man.” So Jews in the movement should accommodate to this transmuted shared religious culture, and beware of the deadness of “the religion of the rabbis.”  In many corners of the Messianic jewish Movement,  you can’t tell the Jews from the Gentiles any more, and that’s a good thing.
  4. Consummation – The Jews as a people are destined to inherit the unique blessings they have awaited for so long, through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, blessings that come uniquely to the Jews as a people, through which the other nations also experience benefit without the distinction between Jews and others being obliterated or transcended. The Messianic Jewish Movement should align its agenda with these realities.

Which of these four choices seems to you to be God’s will as it should shape the attitudes and the behaviors of the Messianic Jewish Movement?