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A Lesson from Habad and Natural Branches Outreach

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I am a great admirer of Habad, and of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, zts”l. You can expect me to speak on these pages about him and about them from time to time. One of the secrets of Habad’s dynamism has been its theological underpinnings whereby all Jews are regarded as having a…

It's Not the Gentiles' Fault, But They Can Be Part of the Solution

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I have said it before, and need to say it again. If there is anything wrong with the Messianic Jewish Movement, blame should not be laid at the feet of the large numbers of gentiles who have joined the movement. Any problems we have are more likely due to a lack of clarity on leadership vision.  If the…

Four Possible Trajectories for the Messianic Jewish Congregational Movement

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I am back to blogging after a hiatus. The hiatus is due to waiting until certain projects of Interfaithfulness are launched (more details later) and our website gets redesigned accordingly. That redesign will be happening in the next few months, God willing. But I thought it imporant to renew contact with you, my faithful readers…