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Some Theological Musings on the Recent Israeli Synagogue Massacre

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The recent massacre at the synagogue in Har Nof, Israel, should not be easily forgotten, and for some people it cannot be. One of the those who cannot easily forget is a friend of mine whose parents are both sole survivors of Shoah families, having been mere toddlers at the time, and who miraculously escaped the horrors.…

Why "Meeting our People Where They Are" is Only Half the Story, If That!

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I recently attended a first class conference and participated in a panel discussion about Jewish believers in Yeshua and past, present and future modalities and trends of sharing Yeshua-faith with other Jews. As a panel participant, I felt I had to address an emphasis that emerged in the discussion—that we should be meeting our people where…

The Missing Jewish Middle: How Rampant Individualism Erodes Jewish Faithfulness

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Maybe you have Jewish friends or relatives who have no interest in living covenantal Jewish lives shaped by Torah as generally understood in Jewish life and community. Or perhaps this disinterested or alienated Jewish person is you. Well, in either case, this blog post is for you as are others in this series. We have been…