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What's the Difference Between a Pastrami Sandwich and Shabbat?

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I was at a three day religious gathering of some very nice people recently, many of them Jews who had come to believe in Yeshua, the Man from Nazareth and Messiah of Israel. Anyone who has hung out with Jewish Yeshua believers and who has bothered to think and observe will know that Jewish Yeshua…

What's On The Back Burner In Your Intermarriage? A Book Review

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I love to read, and I need to stay up to date on a variety of fields related to my work.  I am sure many of you also want to stay up to date on the subjects that matter to you. This is why you will periodically see book reviews on this blog.These may help…

Moses Had Intermarriage Problems: Lessons to Learn – Part One

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The story of Moses, his wife Tzipporah, and their family situation outlines the dynamics and challenges of many interfaith relationships.  It is fascinating to see the intermarriage stresses that surfaced in Moses’ life and how they compare to issues we confront today. Moses and Tzipporah came from two different religious backgrounds, Moses, Jewish of course,…

Meet an Interfaith Futurist: Me

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My Bio on this site says I am an Interfaith Futurist. The other day, one of my Facebook friends asked what that means. Here’s my answer. As an Interfaith Futurist I seek to order current action by a sober assessment of the future to which God is calling us. This is not simply a religious…

Jewish Intermarriage: Change, Challenge, and Transformation

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In a  Jerusalem Post article, Harold Berman discussed how the Jewish community increasingly is viewing intermarriage as a reality with which it must come to terms. While at one time the posture of the community was to absolutely forbid intermarriage, and later, to stigmatize intermarriage and to restrict the communal status and participation of even…