Building Bridges where History Builds Walls

Rabbi Stuart Dauermann Teaching

Relating to your Jewish or Christian “others”

Rabbi Stuart Dauermann Teaching in Seattle

Enriching Jewish and Intermarried household spirituality

Renewing your life with the More Jewish Jesus

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I want to improve and preserve friendships with Jewish or Christian “others” in my life.

Tell me more about enhancing intermarried household spirituality.

Tell me more about personal spiritual renewal.

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Instead of being strangers, people and God are meant to be intimate friends. But somehow we got estranged, didn’t we? And Christians and Jews always should have been friends, each growing in their own traditions, sharing a warm relationship with the same God and with each other. But it seems we’ve forgotten how, and some people say this can’t and even shouldn’t be done. They say that it’s not just good fences, but good walls that make good neighbors. We disagree. It should make us all sad that good friends as well as husbands and wives and their families of origin, and even parents and children are often estranged over matters of faith. We don’t think it has to be that way, nor should it. Here at Interfaithfulness we preserve boundaries, tear down walls, and build bridges. Central to the solution is the More Jewish Jesus, more Jewish than some people expect or even allow. If you want to know more, inquire within. Because intimate friends should not be strangers. Read More.

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