Stuart5smallOur Director, Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann, is a composer/performer, worship leader, scholar, educator, clergyman, speaker and teacher with fifty years experience. His specialty is helping people negotiate and navigate life at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds.

Performing – A Theological Concert: Fifty Years, and Five Millennia, in Fifty Minutes, More or Less! This is a narrated concert. Rabbi Dauermann is the inventor of Messianic Jewish music and has written music in a rather wide range of idioms. In this narrated concert he traces how the evolution of such music reflects the changing self-consciousness of Jews who believe in Jesus. Warning: this is fun! If you don’t like fun, avoid this one!

Speaking – Dr Dauermann can adjust his speaking time as the situation demands. Here are some topics you might find of interest:

  1. (For Intermarrieds)  Intermarriage: A House on a Hillside. Explores factors that could, but need not, threaten the stability of an intermarriage. Provides solutions.
  2. The Opposition Jesus and the More Jewish Jesus.  How changing how we view Jesus changes how we view the Bible and each other. Especially for Christians and Jews who care about each other.
  3. What’s Greater than the Great Commission?
  4. God’s Dream: What the Bible All About and What This Might Mean for You. An overview of the Bible that makes everything fit together.
  5. Do You See What I See? Western Christian Theology as a Skewed Tradition
  6. Is Your Gospel Good News for The Jews? Why the “product” the Church offers the Jews is so unpopular and what to do about it.
  7. Aristotle, OJ, and You: Communications Problems Between Christians and Jews
  8. The Son of David Agenda: What Will the Fullness of Israel Look Like?
  9. What Has to Happen for God to be Finished with the Jews
  10. Eight Circles of Certainty: Building a Case For Jesus From the Older Testament.
  11. The Three-Stranded Cord: Going Deeper into Jewish Life, Yeshua Faith and Relationship with God. Why these things belong together in Jewish and Intermarried homes.

Workshops and Teaching Series (Number of Sessions Flexible)

  1. The Book of Acts: The Jewish Plot to Save the World
  2. Mark: A Jewish Journey of Faith
  3. Kavod: Why Society is Falling Apart and What to Do About It
  4. Jewish Holidays and Christian Understandings
  5. Don’t Give People an Argument: Tell Them a Story. Sharing your faith can be a creative adventure, and actually fun!  Find out how it’s done.
  6. Naturally Supernatural: Responding to God’s Companion Presence – A series of lessons or a workshop exploring the nearness of God and the difference this makes. Includes an orientation to spiritual gifts.
  7. Moses our Mentor: Some Lessons in Living from Israel’s Great Teacher
  8. The Jewish Advantage: Dynamic Jewish Approaches to Studying Jewish Texts. Jews study together, rather than apart, in community rather than alone. And the methods we use can add new light and life to your own study of the Bible. Learn how!
  9. Show Me The Way to Go Home: What Happens When the Havurah Meets the House Church?
  10. Old Wine is Better: Rediscovering Senior Life and Revitalizing Communities.
    Considers recent research to help seniors and others discover the unique and ongoing contributions older community members are meant to make to spiritual communities.

Scholarly Papers – Inquire for details.